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My name is Tyler Booth and I currently reside in an 1800s property locally known as Hillcrest in the historic town of Cambria, New York. My partner and I began restoring this property in 2015 and it is an ongoing endeavor of ours. Previous to this I had lived in Cambria since 2012. Before moving here I resided in/on my hometown of Grand Island where my family has resided for over a century. My family and I also undertook another historic restoration in Cambria which some may be familiar with. This would be the historic Forsyth Tavern of Warren’s Corners. We purchased this property from a bank after it had sat abandoned for many years and immediately set out to save the historic structures and irreplaceable history there. It was shortly after this project had gotten started that I decided to get my real estate license. My family had been encouraging me to do so for many years prior but after looking back at all of the experience in the real estate world that I had acquired; experiences both good and bad, I realized that I wanted to put my experience to good use and be a guide for people looking to buy or sell properties. I have a very strong background in history and historic restorations as well as bank owned and rehab homes but I also know a great deal about architecture and design and am just as useful with new build homes as I am with historic taverns. For those who are looking for a business property, either a home business or a commercial venture, I am also well versed in every aspect of locating, planning and navigating through every potential barrier from local laws to state resources; and will offer all of my experience and resources to jumpstart your goals as well. For all of these reasons I offer my services to you and anyone you might know for the answers to any of your real estate needs. Thank you kindly for reading.